About the Party


Fellow Gambians, party members, supporters, friends, sympathizers, partners and collaborators all over the globe, I greet you all with warmth and due regard for your wellbeing. I thank you for the support and encouragement that gave me the courage to re-present myself as a Presidential candidate under the banner of the National People’s Party (NPP). With overwhelming joy, renewed zeal and great optimism for the future, I am proud to present to you the manifesto of the NPP – a party born out of the will and consent of the citizens of The Gambia. In this concise document, we have clearly articulated the vision, philosophy, perspectives and proposed programs of an NPP Government for the period, 2021 to 2026.

In 2016, I entered the race for the Presidency with enthusiasm and great hope for the emancipation of our dear motherland from economic strangulation, political suppression, social decadence and disrespect for the dignity and sacred personality of the Gambian. Together, we emerged victorious, because we were genuine, committed and steadfast. The determination and sense of sacrifice that led to that success are much more pressing and stronger today than ever before.

The endorsement, encouragement and excitement manifested by Gambians for the ideals we have collectively stood for over the years make it imperative for all of us to remain united, and march on hand-in-hand towards our common destiny of perpetual peace, prosperity and happiness. Irreversibly, the desire for continuity and follow-up programmes on the National Development Plan (2018-2021), which is the famous transitory development blue print we produced together, has to be built on further and its gains consolidated for the betterment of the Gambian citizens themselves.

This blue print needs to evolve into a long-term Plan, at least, for five years. These reasons and, indeed, my consciousness of the hopes and aspirations that have been rekindled, rejuvenated and reposed in me, make it inevitable for me to stand steadfastly by you, the citizens of The Gambia. The reality is that I cannot abandon you, nor can I betray your trust. Worse still, I cannot ignore the instinctive patriotic calling deep inside me and fail to put my services at your disposal. As a result, I am standing by the people of this country to contest as a Presidential candidate and Head of State of the Third Republic of The Gambia.

The Third Republic, which we shall have to build together, calls for a new kind of devotion to duty and selfless sacrifice, propelled by a new kind of consciousness: a consciousness grounded in positive thinking, being forthright, forward-looking and pragmatic for productivity. This must be a new consciousness that can perceptively unmask and decisively neutralize all forms of retrogressive divides and alienation, ranging from divides that have to do with ethnicity, culture, sex, religion, age, status and belief, to divides linked to profession, craft, interest, educational background or any other form of social orientation. This type of consciousness is what a truly enlightened, politically aware and mature people should stand for. Indeed, this is what I stand for. This is what the progressive and patriotic citizens of The Gambia yearn for, and this is what the NPP stands for. Thus, there has evolved between us a natural partnership, a spontaneously generated mutual contract arising from our commonalities and homogeneity as true Gambians. As democrats, patriotic citizens, humanists and visionaries who love ourselves and our nation as much we love humanity and all the ideals that go with both national and global peace, progress and development.


Dembo By-force Bojang
National Chairman
Dr. Isatou Touray
Deputy National President
Dr. Demba Sabally
2nd Deputy National President
H.E. Adama Barrow
Secretary General and party leader
Mambanyick Njie
Administrarive Secretary
Saikou Bah
Deputy Administration secretary